How It Works

How It Works on Sparezon

Buyer Side

Market Place

  1. You can search organically through the search field on the landing page or through the categories section.
  2. On the search results page, you will have the option to add the equipment/part to your shortlist or view details. Clicking “Add to shortlist” will allow you to save a listing in your shortlist while you continue searching for other equipment/parts.
    Note, to perform the add to shortlist feature, you need to be signed in as a buyer.
  3. Clicking “View Details” on an equipment/part listing, will open the details page. The equipment/parts details page has all the information about the listing as specified by the Seller. This page automatically pops up the Request For Quote ‘RFQ’ form.
  4. The RFQ form requires details like ship-to location, preferred lead time, quantity and additional notes or attachments. Clicking send on the RFQ form sends your request to the seller, initiating negotiations on the equipment/part being requested for.
  5. RFQs are stored as Live Transactions in the dashboard, once prices and shipping fees have been agreed upon with the seller, a new quote generated and accepted by you (by clicking on ‘Accept Quote’).
  6. A proforma invoice will be sent out once this done to help with any internal requisition process.
    Note that by clicking “Accept Quote” you have agreed to Sparezon’s terms and conditions.
  7. To complete your transaction please send an email to with your transaction ID (RFQXXXXXXXXXX), our ever-helpful support team is on standby to assist you!