How It Works

How It Works on Sparezon

Buyer Side


  1. When signed in as a buyer, navigate to the E-tender section of the user dashboard and click on “create new”.
  2. In the E-tenders landing page there are two methods of listing tenders, the manual method, and the bulk method.
  3. The bulk listing method is done by downloading an xlsx template and populating it with the information of the parts being requested. Please download the bulk upload template and adhere to the instructions to avoid errors while uploading tenders. The bulk upload process is best suited to tenders with a large number of line items.
    Note: Confirm your tender details are correct, once created a tender cannot be edited.
  4. The manual process is straightforward, all mandatory fields are marked with an Asterix, each line item in the tender is created by clicking the “Add” button at the bottom-right of the dialogue box.
    Note: The difference between bulk and manual method process is the data upload process, every other thing remains the same.
  5. After adding each line item, the “Submit” button is clicked, this takes you to the e-tender details page where you can set your ship-to address, validity period (minimum of 7 days), industry and preferred currency of transaction.
  6. Clicking the finish button after providing the required information, creates the E-tender and redirects to your dashboard in your E-tenders section where you can see your active E-tenders.
  7. You will be notified via email when you receive responses to your E-tenders. You can shortlist E-tender responses from sellers for further engagement.
  8. When a decision has been made, you can then proceed to negotiations with the sellers this process is similar to that explained in the marketplace How-to.