How It Works

How It Works on Sparezon

Buyer Side


  1. To place bids on auctions listed by sellers, click on the auctions button in the navigation menu of
  2. Click on the “view open auctions” button and select the auction you wish to participate in.
  3. If the auction has multiple items, you can bid on one item or choose to bid on all items. Once your bid is placed, you will be ranked 1 for that auction until another bidder out bids you.
  4. You can monitor your ranking status from your dashboard in the auctions section until the auction is closed.
  5. When the auction closes with you as the winner, a notification will be sent to you and a new transaction will be created. Kindly send an email to with your transaction ID (RFQXXXXXXXXXX), our ever-helpful support team is on standby to assist you!